Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Class Schedule for 2018-2019?


How will class participants be selected?

The Steering Committee will select those applicants who show a propensity toward community trusteeship and leadership potential. The class will represent the diversity of our community and applicants who will contribute to the goal of developing strong community leaders will be selected.

What does the tuition cover?

Your $1250.00 tuition pays for presentations by accomplished skills trainers in the areas of facilitation, mediation and coaching. Most of the costs for your topic day can be covered with sponsorships, but if you are unable to secure full sponsorship for the room or food, extra costs may be involved as you prepare for your topic day. Your fees also help cover the operating cost of LSBC, a 501 c3 nonprofit organization.  Some discounted tuition opportunities are available, and we encourage participants whose sponsors can only pay a portion of the fees, to think creatively with us to enable their participation.

What skills will I learn?

Leadership Santa Barbara participants learn and practice team building, facilitation, consensus building and information gathering skills that are transferable to your workplace, philanthropic, and social life.

What do I get out of LSBC?

Three things:

a better understanding of the issues facing our community;networking opportunities with a wide variety of SB leaders; and specific leadership skills training to help you become a better leader

WHat is A Topic Awareness Day?

A Topic Awareness Day (TAD) is one of the major pillars of Leadership Santa Barbara County. Smaller groups within the class organize a class, utilizing skills taught during LSBC and focussing half the day on an issue facing Santa Barbara County. 


What is the Class Community Service Project?

Throughout the year, the class works hand in hand with a non-profit of its choice to complete an in-depth project. Click here to learn more about the community service project.