History of the Program

Leadership Santa Barbara County is part of a loose national affiliation of over 1,000 grass roots community leadership programs operating in the United States and has attracted a number of alumni/board members who have participated in community leadership programs outside of Santa Barbara County and even California.

Leadership Santa Barbara County began as a result of an ad-hoc citizens' committee spearheaded by Jan W. Ballard Jr. and Delia Marlene Horwitz in the summer of 1989. The participatory decision methods of theInstitute of Cultural Affairs (ICA), detailed in the book "Winning Through Participation" (Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co.) and thirteen years of research in self-help community development projects worldwide resulted in the unique design of the program.

Since its beginning, classes have hosted over hundreds of LSBC focus groups attended by thousands of Santa Barbara community leaders and citizens to determine the curriculum, identify pertinent content, harness resources, and recruit participants.

Our history grows each year with each class and we hope that you will grow with us and other LSBC alumni.