Leadership Award Winners

The LSBC Distinguished leader award recognizes is given annually to an LSBC alumni for their contributions to the Santa Barbara Community. Typically, the LSBC Distinguished Leader award goes to an individual that exudes the values, skills and commitment to Santa Barbara that LSBC seeks to instill in its graduates. Nominated by LSBC alumni, the Distinguished Leader award has been given to the following individuals for their ongoing commitment to the Santa Barbara Community:

  • Colette Schabram, Class of 2017

  • John J. Thyne, III, Class of 2000

  • Judy Hawkins, Class of 2002-2003

  • Ron Boehm, Class of 1991

  • Marlys Boehm, Class of 1994

  • Karen Ramsdell, Class of 1992

  • Kent Epperson, Class of 2006

  • David Hall, Class of 2004

  • Roger Horton, Class of 2000-2001

  • Shirley Hobson, Class of 2004

  • Joe Holland, Class of 2001

  • Irene Macias, Class of 2000-2001

  • Judi Weisbart, Class of 2000-2001

  • Ernesto Paredes, Class of 1994

  • Emma Torres, Class of 1993

  • Miguel Avila, Class of 1991

  • Betty Hatch, Class of 1991